Signs of Termite Infestation

How to Determine If You Have to Call a Termite Exterminating Service

As a homeowner, you should be highly aware of the potential threat termites can present to your home. A recent study has shown that termites are the top threat to wood-based structures, ahead of floods, winds, and fires. However, people still don’t take this problem seriously enough. As a result, more than 5,000 U.S. homes get infested with termites every year. As an owner of a professional pest control company, I feel that it is my duty to make homeowners aware of how dangerous termites can be. So, I’ve prepared a set of guidelines that may help you determine whether or not your home is infested with these nasty, dangerous critters.

Hollow sounding wood

Since termites don’t really like to be exposed, they often hide deep inside the wooden structures and feed on the wood. They are so good at it that no real signs of infestation can be found outside. In most cases, the wood surface remains smooth and unaltered. This makes it very hard to detect termites, based on visible signs. However, due to the fact that the inner part of the wood changes dramatically when infested with termites, the sound the piece of wood makes may often give you a clue whether you have an infestation problem or not. So, tap your wooden surfaces, and if you hear a hollow sound, then you may want to call for a termite removal service.

Groups of winged insects

Reproductive termites (called swarmers) often take flight to create new colonies. This forces them to come out of their hiding places and look for a way to get our of your home. In most cases, you will find them in the corners of your windows. If you see swarmers or discarded wings in your home, then hire a professional exterminator.

Cracked paint on wood surfaces

Although they rarely cause damage to the outside of the wood, they still need a way to get inside the wooden structure. In most cases, they will drill right through paint layers. This will make the paint crack in places. If you see this on your home’s exterior walls, then call a professional pest control company for assistance.

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